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Here's what people are saying...


"How on the planet Earth did you find THAT?! You are Tivia." - from David Stay (regarding this video)


"Wow!  Dope!  I love youtube for being able to have the ability to provide stuff like this." -  from Norm Norm (regarding Loretta Heywood's interview)


"Great Interview. I love that Show!!" - from New American Pictures 2 (regarding David Stay's interview)


"Well done for getting this together! I hope it brings joy to many people and you get joy from it, which I think you have already. So happy to have been part of it!" - Loretta Heywood


"I found your site while looking for Photon. Below is something I found that could be a good addition to your site." - John G. (regarding the Artmic Design Book)


"Your site is totally amazing, LJ!  A lot of love and hard work went into that puppy!  Love the fades!"  - Maria


"I checked out your website, good job. Keep up the good work." - Chris (regarding the early version of this site at


"I looked over the site and it looks very good. Thanks for helping keep the light alive." - Jim S.


"Hope you know how impressive this is! I just can't believe how much you put into this. Your website is a wonderful tribute to a show you love and you should be very proud of yourself for archiving and celebrating all of this!  The light shines on, or whatever it is they say.  ^.~  It looks superb!" - TJ


"I went to the Photon arena in Dundalk every weekend when I was a 6 year old. 30 years later when I ride past the now flea market that resides in the former arena it takes me back to a better, simpler time that always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for keeping the memories alive."         - Stephen


"I like your Photon tribute site. My brother used to go to a long gone Photon laser game center in Palatine, IL a few times back in circa 1986."

- Darryl


"The website is great!" - James P.


"These interviews are great!  I spoke with  Graham Ravey a few years ago and saw a few of these pics before.  Lots of new ones, I've never seen presented here.  I have Graham's red jacket (still has silver paint on the collar), the Zephyr model and one of the crystals. I have to thank you SO much for your youtube channel and the interviews you have done." - Kuda Lambda


"So cool you've been interviewing all these past actors. So, thank you for that. Really enjoyable." - Greg S.

"I have fond memories of Photon. I was among the VIP's invited to the grand opening, and enjoyed playing the game--though always lost if Lord Beathan happened to be on the other team! I miss it." - Teresa P.


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