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Things You've Never Seen...


Well, there's a good chance you may have never before seen these rare appearances by the Photon cast in places you might not expect. Enjoy!

Evan Kyley Before He Played Photon


Actually, this is a rare appearance by David Stay on Square One TV. Watch for him in the elevator as the basketball player. This one has been so far under the radar that even he had never seen it before now!

Bomb The Bass was the Bomb!


Loretta Heywood performed with Bomb The Bass in the early nineties and they had a hit with Winter In July. Here are some of her other rare performance videos with Bomb The Bass from that era.

Here are some more videos featuring the Photon cast...


Click here

to see Graham Ravey's

appearances in

Game of Death 2

and School Wars

Graham Ravey's cool projects in Japan


You may know the movie Game of Death 2 starring Bruce Lee, but if you watch closely you will see Sensei Graham Ravey performing some impressive moves in the film as well. He also made an appearance in the Japanese television series School Wars where he can be seen as the rugby coach.

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