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Remembering David Stay

David Stay Collage.jpg

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the passing of our wild, crazy, delightful friend David Stay (aka Mandarr). It is no exaggeration to say he had a tremendous influence and offered valuable content contributions as I was first creating my websites. David was my first “laser tag” interview for (David: “The name’s too long, nobody will ever remember it!"), he provided nearly all the behind the scenes content archived on, he trusted me to proofread his manuscripts, gifted me with sentimental artifacts from the show that started me on my laser tag journey and he always had a smile and a story. I will miss you my friend, but your light still shines!

Laurie (aka Tivia/Tiviachick),

Webmaster of

Join us in remembering David through several recorded interviews and appearances:

David’s appearance at Phocon 2014 (starts at 6:53):

Our first interview:

Behind the Scenes with David Stay:

David invited me to be a guest on the Photon Disco Hour:

Photon Episode Marathon:

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