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Props from the TV Show


Props that were used in the filming of the Photon television show are probably among the rarest Photon related items around...if they are still around at all. A dedicated Photon fan and former Dallas Photon player known as Kuda Lambda has been kind enough to share photos of some very rare items from his personal collection including the model for the Zephyr, one of the spheres used as a Photon crystal for filming in Tokyo and the jacket he was given by actor Graham Ravey. Here's what Kuda Lambda shared about his cool Photon items...



The Zephyr:

"There were two primary shooting models built for the series, a small model used for distance shots and a larger 63 cm model used for close ups.  When the show ended, the model was taken as a souvenir or to be repurposed for another production (sometime between 1986 and 1997) and the model had been extremely altered.  It had been painted a dull red and weathered, a majority of the surface detail had been removed and it appeared to have been crushed slightly, the "rockets" sticking up out of the top and a majority of the back of the model had been changed. In early 2000 several colleagues and I did our best to return it to it's orginal state.  In 2005, it was completely rewired and it's lighting system was upgraded to LED to help preserve the model longer. During this time, the "front" window - which was frosted plastic was broken so a screen shot from the series was put in it's place. I've included a picture that  shows the size of the model next to a Red Photon Base."


The Crystal:

"I acquired this in 1998 from a private prop collector.  From what I was told there were at least 3 crystals used in the making of the series.  One was made of crystal or glass and was pretty heavy.  The other two were made of acrylic and are very light for their size. This is one of the acrylic crystals.  It has a few knicks and scuffs and is about the size of a softball."


The Jacket:

Want to know more about the jacket? Hear the story as told by Graham Ravey here at the 22:22 mark.



Coming Soon:

Check back soon for a closer look at these original scripts owned and used by actor David Stay while filming the Photon television series.



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