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Photon Episode Guide:


Episodes are not listed in complete order of broadcast date.

 *The titles for some episodes may be unknown or the accuracy of the title is undetermined.

They have been noted and a descriptive name may be listed as a substitution for the original title.

Videos were uploaded to youtube by individuals unrelated to this site and are linked simply for your convenience.


1. The Recruit (pilot)   Click here to watch this episode


While playing Photon in the tournament finals teenager Christopher Jarvis is being observed by the Photon Guardians via the sentient computer M.O.M. They agree that his Photon skills indicate he would be an asset to their group and, as he shoots the base in the game on earth, Christopher Jarvis is beamed up to the spaceship Intellistar and transformed into his alter-ego Bhodi Li with strength and skills magnified by the positive power of Photon. Bhodi Li learns that the Photon Guardians are an elite team of Photon players from other worlds who are tasked with defending the light against the Warlord of Arr and his forces of darkness and that only the best Photon players are called to serve in this battle. The guardians are then called into a mission to retrieve a Photon crystal after the ship carrying the crystal is taken down by the Arrians. Bhodi Li is reluctant to get involved at first. However, after assisting in the battle and helping the team to charge the crystal with Photon energy and life he is convinced to accept his position with the guardians. Bhodi Li accepts the ring that will signal to him when he is needed to return to space by calling out the words "the light shines" as he shoots the base in the Photon center on earth.


2. Skin Deep   Click here to watch this episode


Christopher Jarvis doesn't want to take a less attractive girl to the school dance. When he is called to be part of a mission on the planet Barberoy Bhodi Li learns not to judge based on appearances. He assumes an ugly creature must be bad and follows a beautiful girl named Fasad. When the pretty girl leads the guardians to a cave that begins filling with lava they learn that she is working with the Arrians. Meanwhile Parcival befriends Shaleks with the aid of his translator, the ugly being who is actually a good person masked by the unattractive appearance that changes once the Photon crystal is charged. When the light is released Shaleks becomes attractive and Fasad's true ugliness is revealed. Later on earth Christopher understands that appearances can be deceptive when he picks up his date who is so beautiful when dressed for the dance that he doesn't recognize her.


3. A Grave Matter   Click here to watch this episode


The guardians are separated on two missions. Pike, Bhodi Li and Tivia are sent to the planet Tomb, the graveyard for former Photon warriors, while the others are retrieving a Photon crystal elsewhere. On Tomb a Photon crystal begins to fade because the planet's caretaker, Colonel Bishop, has not recharged it. Bhodi Li is injured in battle when poison gas grenade is released. Colonel Bishop releases the power of Photon to drive the Arrians away, but Tivia is captured as a hostage. While Bhodi Li is in his weakened physical state, Colonel Bishop channels the power of Bhodi Li's spirit to create a new life form in his image. In this new form Bhodi Li falls in battle and is presumed dead, but after charging the planet's Photon crystal his real form returns with his re-energized spirit.


4. Just For Fun   Click here to watch this episode


After Christopher Jarvis experiences pranks on earth, the guardians leave Intellistar to find Parcival who was sent to the planet X-Mag 93 where the young princess of the planet plays pranks as well. The princess plays tricks on the guardians with projected images and power surges while hiding the Photon crystal that they are there to charge. She pretends she has forgotten the whereabouts of the crystal in order to spend time alone and flirt with Bhodi Li. Mandarr and Warriarr find them and Mandarr escapes with the crystal and also takes Parcival as a hostage. Princess Aria distracts Mandarr so Bhodi Li can retrieve the crystal.


5. No Laughing Matter   Click here to watch this episode


Christopher Jarvis is adamant about not appearing foolish in a PTA show. However, the guardians must disguise themselves when they visit the planet Guffaw. Mandarr has infiltrated the planet and deceived the king. Mandarr hosts the Laugh In Festival where Tivia entertains the audience while in the others wear costumes to avoid being recognized. Bhodi Li does not want to wear a costume until he is recognized by the Arrians and is then captured by the king. Bhodi Li decides wearing a costume can be fun and he is disguised while Bugarr forces the king to turn over the Photon crystal. The guardians engage the Arrians in battle to keep the crystal in the king's possession. With his new perspective that dressing in costume can be fun Christopher participates in the PTA show after all.


6. The Queen's Pawn   Click here to watch this episode


Bhodi Li is sent to rescue Queen Sana who escaped from an Arrian attack while carrying a Photon crystal. Her escape pod crashed on the planet Gobiday, but she is more interested in exerting her power than allowing Bhodi Li to rescue her. During the rescue effort he is faced with a battle with Mandarr for the queen and saves her life. She in turn uses her power cape to help him and allows the guardians to activate the crystal on the planet where she will start a new life. The experiences teaches Christopher Jarvis a lesson about imposing control when it comes to his younger sister.


7.  Deadly Thorns   Click here to watch this episode


The caretaker of the planet Zaku has not energized the Photon crystal on his world so the guardians go to the planet to find out why. They find themselves on a beautiful planet full of living plants. When deadly roses spray their pollen on Tivia she is unmasked by the caretaker who captures her with vines and carnivorous flowers. Parcival also finds himself in a dangerous situation with the roses. The caretaker fears that they will harm his beloved plants. Lord Baethan saves Parcival with Photon energy. The caretaker sees that the Arrians are the evil ones as they try to destroy his roses and that charging the Photon crystal is the way to give his planet and his restored roses continued life in a peaceful world.


8. Rebel of Cyborgs   Click here to watch this episode


Lord Baethan finds himself in peril on his home planet of MX-8 as it is revealed that the computer that created him was once made in darkness and has returned to darkness as the power of the Photon crystal there has faded. The guardians go to the planet to recharge the crystal. Meanwhile, the MX-8 computer clones Lord Baethan and the evil clones attack them. It is revealed that Lord Baethan was made in darkness, but exposed to light energy. The computer expects that the real Lord Baethan will return to the darkness, but instead he charges the Photon crystal with positive energy and gives his planet recharged life.


9. United We Stand   Click here to watch this episode


On earth Christopher Jarvis faces the school bully. Elsewhere in space, Arr has developed a weapon that can reverse the energy of Photon crystals. The guardians must find and destroy the weapon on the planet Prima before the Warlord of Arr turns his destruction towards earth. They befriend a young boy named Mongwani. At first the citizens react with suspicion and distrust. Bhodi Li develops a plan to surrender while the others continue to search for the weapon, but none of the people besides Mongwani are willing to help. He shows the guardians to the place where the Arrians are hiding with an oversized neutral crystal. The people recognize that Mongwani was the most wise and brave to support the guardians. Later on earth Christopher Jarvis also learns that when many people stand together they can be more intimidating than the bully.


10. The Nivian Challenge   Click here to watch this episode


Tivia must engage in a challenge with a childhood friend name Duria to retain her crown as the Princess of Nivia. However, Duria has been deceived by the Warlord of Arr and brainwashed into thinking Tivia is her enemy and Mandarr assists in rigging the contest in Duria's favor. Bhodi Li stays on the Zephyr while the other guardians find themselves in need of assistance, but he does not monitor the situation because he is distracted by watching Tivia. When he realizes his mistake Bhodi Li rushes to stop Mandarr from interfering and aid the others. Tivia emerges as the victor of the challenge, but declares that she will share the crown with her friend.


11. If At First You Don't Succeed   Click here to watch this episode


Christopher's sister Kathy plays a round of Photon and the team blames her for a loss. Meanwhile, the guardians have a limited window of time to retrieve a Photon crystal from the planet Halcion and steal the planet from Arr based on Parcival's calculations. When the calculations turn out to be incorrect Parcival feels like a failure and the guardians find themselves in the middle of an earthquake where Lord Baethan is nearly killed. Parcival tries the calculations again so that Bhodi Li can retrieve the crystal and save Baethan. Parcival charges the crystal and takes the planet back for the light. Back on earth the Photon player apologizes for being so hard on Kathy and invites her to play with them on their team in the league.


12. The Road Not Taken   Click here to watch this episode


There is a chance for Bhodi Li to bring Mandarr back to the light if he can lure him underground and place a conversion device on his head to block the transmissions from the Warlord. Bhodi Li reminds Mandarr of a time in the past when he was Evan Kyley of earth and it is revealed that Evan was turned into Mandarr after the Arrians killed Katya, the woman he loved. In a flashback it is learned that Evan Kyley became Mandarr only after a great deal of torture. The other guardians face off with the Arrians on the surface. Mandarr is hurt while underground and Bhodi Li helps him to break free and Mandarr repays the kindness by letting Bhodi Li escape unchallenged, opting to take the other road.


13. Bhodi's Solo Mission*   Click here to watch this episode


Christopher Jarvis helps his mother to repair the family car. Bhodi Li is sent on a mission alone on a planet where he meets Klibbeck, a wise old former Photon guardian who offers Bhodi training and teaches him how to be more respectful and less reckless during missions. Bhodi learns useful skills during his solo training sessions. He puts his lessons to the test when the Arrians show up. Together with Klibbeck they achieve a victory for the light and Bhodi Li is given a favorable assessment, though advised to "go by the book". He literally goes by the book to complete the repairs on the family car back on earth.


14. One of a Kind   Click here to watch this episode


Christopher Jarvis is initially not accepting of the new player in the arena who is a little bit different. The guardians head to the desolate planet Philos. While the guardians battle with the Arrians, Parcival is taken away by an unusual plant-like creature who becomes injured during the encounter. The others are cautious, but Parcival discovers that the creature is kind-hearted and when Leon arrives they discover the creature is his old friend, Prince Omm. The creature carries a Photon crystal within him and needs sunlight to survive. The Arrians interfere while the prince is trying to turn the crystal over to the guardians, but in the end the ritual is completed when Prince Omm vaporizes and in doing so returns his planet to life through his own sacrifice. When Christopher returns to the Photon center on earth he has a new attitude and welcomes the new player to his team.


15. Space Terror   Click here to watch this episode


A boring day on earth is significantly more concerning in space when the Photon guardians learn about the existence of a black hole that is consuming planets and earth may be next. They must figure out how to destroy it, but the black hole has unusual properties. It begins to draw the Intellistar inward and Tivia, Parcival and M.O.M. are impacted by the pull. When Mandarr indicates that the black hole was caused by the collision of two dark Photon crystals the guardians realize that it must have been caused by accident and that light Photon crystals could be the solution. Bhodi Li volunteers to risk his life while carrying two light crystals to the center of the black hole in the rescue pod in an effort to destroy the dark energy and save earth.


16. Maze of Fear   Click here to watch this episode


The Photon Guardians must face their worst fears after being lured into a trap that was presented to them as a charity Photon game on the planet Genama. When they realize that they are playing undefended against opponents with unmodulated phasers the guardians each go through a different colorful door. Behind each door they come face to face with their fears. Parcival receives advice from M.O.M. that he can use the power of his mind to conquer his fears and he shares this knowledge with the others so they can escape and overcome the fears that paralyze them in their own minds.



17. Necessity and Invention   Click here to watch this episode


There is a chance for the guardians to restore 34 planets to light during a brief period of alignment as they learn of the defeat at Fort Barren 100 years earlier. Parcival gives Bhodi Li, Tivia and Baethan unusual packs to carry as they make their way to the surface of planet Barren. The packs contain jumping balloons to help the guardians cross over a moat of acid, however the Arrians destroy one, forcing Bhodi Li to carry Tivia across with him. Tivia clears away a hidden trap, but the Arrians are ready to battle the guardians to keep them from reaching the crystal in time. The fate of the planets comes down to charging the crystal transmitter in the final seconds of the alignment period.


18. Think Quick   Click here to watch this episode


The Photon Guardians receive a message from a resistance effort on the planet Pelligro where the Arrians are using the power of a Photon crystal to transform the people of the planet into evil Soldarrs. Bhodi Li, Tivia and Parcival go to the planet to blend in with the inhabitants. Bhodi Li is captured while being mistaken for a Pelligron citizen and Mandarr commands that he be taken into the mine to be transformed into a Soldarr. Meanwhile, Tivia and Parcival come up with a plan to rescue him and stop Mandarr from completing the conversion.



19. Prehistoric Planet*   Click here to watch this episode


An alliance ship crashes on a neutral planet that is inhabited by dinosaur-like creatures. The Arrians use a petrification ray to freeze the creatures on the planet. When the guardians return they find that many of the creatures have been turned to stone. One surviving creature has apparently swallowed the Photon crystal and Parcival understands it is important not to harm him. In order to retrieve the crystal from the creature's stomach Bhodi Li flies into its mouth and through its body. The positive charging of the crystal reverses the effects of the evil petrification ray.


20. Not A Care In The World   Episode M.I.A.


Christopher's girlfriend on earth breaks up with him when she reveals she is moving away. Bhodi approached Baethan for advice on how to be less caring and emotional as a result of feeling hurt by the break-up. Parcival falls victim to Photonium poisoning and while Baethan appears dispassionate, Bhodi decides to trade Mandarr the Photonium in hopes of saving Parcival because he realizes it's ok to care. Parcival awakens only after the Photonium is positively charged.


21. Mind Zapped   Click here to watch this episode


In this anti-drug episode Christopher Jarvis has an encounter with a young pusher who offers him drugs. Later in space Bhodi and Leon go on a rescue mission that lands them in a bar-like atmosphere where Bhodi is inadvertently pulled under the effects of a video game style slaking device that acts as a metaphor demonstrating the dangers of drug use.


22. The Right Time   Click here to watch this episode


Bhodi Li and Tivia argue more intensely than usual before going down to a desolate planet where the guardians are tasked with charging a Photon crystal after the rare Skygem cocoons hatch. However, Bhodi acts too quickly and as a result the Skygem hatches too early and releases a poison that puts Tivia into a coma-like state. Bhodi tries to go back in a time window to save her. When this fails he takes a lesson from a properly hatched Skygem who teaches him to drink the nectar from a flower and kiss Tivia in order to revive her.


23. Lost Time   Click here to watch this episode


At first the family doesn't make time to spend with each other. Bhodi learns the importance of family while Leon tries to rescue his long lost wife and daughter who were carrying a photon crystal when their space ship crashed on the planet Morias. Leon has hallucinations about finding is family. Instead he finds his family's friends who are the only survivors and carry the crystal that was given to them by Leon's wife. In the end the guardians realize that Photon is their family. When Christopher Jarvis returns to earth he realizes how important it is to make time for his own family.


24. The Light Flickers   Click here to watch this episode


Bhodi Li feels angry when M.O.M. sends the other guardians ahead on a mission. They crash on a planet where lamanite saps their energy and Bhodi Li must help them. They must use all the strength they have to rescue and recharge the crystal to counteract the effects of the lamanite. In doing so Bhodi realizes his mportance to the team.


25. Friends and Enemies   Click here to watch this episode


The defective Soldarr D is handcuffed to Bhodi Li after the guardian is captured by an Arrian traction trap. Mandarr intends to use Bhodi as bait to lure in the other Photon guardians, but instead he escapes with Soldarr D, who he nicknames "Bubbles" and he teaches the soldarr about friendship. The two must work together and they discuss the potential result of charging the Photon crystal. In the end the soldarr must make a decision about which side to take in his final moments of life.


26. Stalemate (series finale)   Click here to watch this episode


The guardians are sent to the planet Tuton to seek out a neutral Photon crystal before the Arrians do, as the fate of the universe is at risk. The guardians rest during the night and Tivia wants to make amends with Bhodi Li. When Bhodi goes off on his own he discovers a strange portal that allows him to see present time on the planet, but turns out to be a trap. When Bhodi touches the gridlock he is transported to the Warlord of Arr who shows him a flashback of Bhodi Li's time as a Photon guardian. The Warlord tells him of the current battle where the other guardians will experience great suffering unless Bhodi Li turns over his Photon ring. The Warlord insists Bhodi crawl to him, but M.O.M. advises him to resist and fight for the light. The power of Photon and the ring destroys the Warlord of Arr and Bhodi Li is able to escape to help his friends retrieve the crystal from Mandarr before it is too late. In a final race to the end Bhodi Li and Mandarr shoot the crystal simultaneously and the planet is half in light and half in dark. However, without the power of the Warlord, Mandarr vaporizes and the crystal becomes neutralized. The final lesson is that the Photon Guardians are there to maintain a balance so that "the light shines".


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