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A series of young adult novels written by author David Peters (pen name for Peter David) continued exploring the adventures of the characters from the Photon television show. These books followed suit with the existing story line and included references back to events from earlier in the series while expanding upon the depth of the characters in these new adventures.


A stand-alone novel called "Thieves of Light" written by Michael Hudson was a reimagining of the origin story of how Bhodi Li was recruited to the Photon Guardians. This book deviates from the show in many ways, however it also includes many of the samekey elements and characters.






Bhodi Li, Tivia and Parcival are sent back in time to World War II Germany to stop the Arrians from helping Hitler to achieve victory and recruiting him to Arr while changing the course of history on earth.



A new Photon Guardian named Gambler has reckless tendencies that put the team at risk while on the planet Dekka. His deceptive, selfish behavior lands Pike in a dangerous battle and opens the planet up to an Arrian invasion.



When the essence of the sentient computer and matriarch of the Photon Guardians is stolen the team learns the truth about the origins of Photon and the universe while trying to rscue M.O.M. from the grip of an evil computer counterpart named D.A.D.



Christopher Jarvis wakes up from a coma to find everything he thought was real about his time as a Photon Guardian may have been a dream. However, the  mind game may be just that as Mandarr tries to convert Bhodi Li to the dark side while he is in this state of confusion.



The revelation that Tivia loves Bhodi Li causes her to be exiled from the planet of Nivia. She goes off on her own to discover the truth about men by disguising her identity and living among them on a pirate space ship, landing right in the middle of a plot to trap the other Photon Guardians,



When Lord Baethan is stripped of his cyborg armor and abilities he struggles to find confidence and self worth in a human-like body. He accompanies Bhodi Li to earth and stays with the Jarvis family while learning to cope with living in his new form.

Thieves of Light:


A reimagining of the origin story of how Bhodi Li joins the Photon Guardians. Christopher Jarvis is recruited to join the ninth platoon on the space station Intellistar after being scouted for his abilities as a top Photon player on earth. He learns about the war being waged in space and is offered three opportunities to refuse his challenge to train for an elite position as a warrior in the fight. Along the way he faces challenges to his pride and perception of self while undergoing his training regimen. Only after coming face to face with the reality of the dangers of the war can he get past his own ego to see the true importance of service over self to the Photon Guardians of the Light.




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